Everest Expedition booking open 2023
October 3, 2022

Legend of Himalayan Trek and Expedition Pvd. Ltd is booking open Everest Expedition 2023.
we have organized big number of personalized treks and expedition since 2015, including 130 climbing expeditions on mt. Everest. we are The most experienced expedition company in The Kathmandu Nepal. No other company has as much experience as us. we have organized more than 250 personalized expedition and Treks since 2015, including 115 climbing expedition on mt Everest. since 1953 when The first person set foot on The pinnacle of The world many climbers have attempted to achieve The same goal. some of them succeeded others did not manage to cope with their own weaknesses or harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately many were not able to withstand difficulties and even lost their lives. climbing mount Everest and reaching its summit is a dream of every serious climber, and they are able to sacrifice a lot of time and money to succeed. None however, is able to do that alone and needs help of many other people they may rely on. Those people are organizers and experienced guide who take responsibility for mt Everest expedition preparations as well as climbers’ safety. if you are such a mountaineering lower overwhelmed by one thought only, and you have been preparing for a long time to go on Everest expedition your only choice should be Legend of Himalayan Trekking. we are an expedition company that has been operating since 2015 and has helped lots of experienced climbers make their dream come is a Number one licensed company that has led hundreds expedition on mount Everest and many more on other eight-thousands, let alone personalized quests and Treks which can be counted in thousands. During The years of our operation we have deployed our skills and now we are able to organize any expedition and support mountaineers providing them with everything they need except for personal climbing equipment. Not only do we specialize in legal organization of our expeditions but also give climbers The opportunity to achieve success as painlessly as it is possible. are you interested in our services and you want to fulfil your dream of standing on mount Everest peak ?we are there for you so just enroll on one of Everest expedition in The near future, and we do our best to help you get to The summit which will be one of your most wonderful experiences.

why should Legend of Himalayan Trekking be chosen for  ?
Not only do we have the richest, long-lasting experience and a lot of knowledge about The conditions in The mountains, but we also provide The high class services both for skillful mountaineers who want to climb Everest and crown their climbing experience with conquering The peak and for tourist attracted by The majestic beauty of The Himalayas. Having been in the business for such a long time our company contributed to The tourism deployment. During our operation we have specialized in fulfilling even The most demanding client’ expectations, at The same time talking care about their descending safe and sound. No other company can provide mountain lovers with such excellent service as we do.

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