Mount Kailash Trek
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Trip Highlights
  • Destination:Tibet
  • Max-Altitude:5630 metres
  • Region:Autonomous region Tibet china
  • Best Season:may to till september
  • Accomodation:Lodging


Mount Kailash Trek is the main trekking route to the majestic and sacred Mountain Kailash (6,638m). The mountain is located in the western part of Tibet,The route has been traversed by millions of pilgrim goers for hundreds of years, as the mountain is held in reverence by four religions: Buddhism, Bön (shamanistic religion of Tibet), Hindu and Jain(Tibetan Buddhists).

Buddhism and Bon, consider the mountain to be the center of the universe and home to Chenresing (Buddha of compassion) and worship the mountain as the soul of the region. Jains, on the other hand, believe that their prophet –  ‘Rishabhanatha’ received illumination atop the mountains. Hindus, however, consider Mount Kailash as the abode of their deity Lord Shiva. 

No matter the belief, the trekking route sees thousands of pilgrims make their way to Mount Kailash to take part in the ‘La Kora’ every year.  La Kora is a ritual and spiritual walk around Kailash Mountain. While every pilgrim goer performs the La Kora in a clockwise direction of the mountain, Bön followers traverse the trek in an anti-clockwise direction per their religion.  

Mount Kailash Trek, is the most famous pilgrimage through Tibet. From Lhasa – the starting point of this trek;  we trek through gravel covered roads to reach the surroundings of Mount Kailash. During the journey, we will come across the immense Changthang plateau – the domain of nomadic pastors and the source of the three great sacred rivers of Asia: Indus, Sutlej, and Brahmaputra. Lake Manasarovar, considered to be sacred in the Hindu religion, also falls en route to Mount Kailash. The highlight of the region, however, is the majestic Pangong Lake, one of the largest lakes in all of Asia. 

The trek often includes 3 days of walking, with a maximum of 8 hours of walking, 500 meters of elevation gain during the day. The average altitude of the trip is relatively high: 3650m in Lhasa to 5600m on Mount Kailash. Thus, your health must be in optimal condition before opting for the trek. The paths made specifically for La Kora, are of good quality and maintained regularly. 

As the trek to Mount Kailash passes over altitudes of 5,650m, the trekkers will have to acclimatize themselves first at the banks of Manasarovar and then again in the Inland Khora before attempting the La Kora.  Due to high altitudes, rugged landscape, treacherous hilly roads throughout the Mount Kailash Trek – participating in sports activities or endurance training before departure is highly recommended.


  • 1.

    Arrival in Kathmandu international airport transport to hotel

  • 2.

    Short in-city tour of cultural and religious sites of significance within Kathmandu.

  • 3.

    Take a 7-hour drive to syprubashi, from Kathmandu.

  • 4.

    Take a drive to kerung from syprubeshi.

  • 5.

    Rest day for acclimatization and exploring the town of kerung.

  • 6.

    kerung to drive Saga.

  • 7.

    Saga to drive dongba.

  • 8.

    Dongba to drive Manasarovar lake.

  • 9.

    early morning puja beside of lake and rest day.

  • 10.

    after Launch drive to Darchen.

  • 11.

    Darche to drive 5 km to till Yamdowar and from yamdowar to we have to walk to Derafu

  • 12.

    early morning from derafu to cross the Dolma Lah pass and juthalfu. today is the toughest day in this tour.

  • 13.

    juthalfu to 8 km walk and ending point of kailash cora and from there direct drive to dongba.

  • 14.

    Dongba to drive kerung..

  • kerung to drive dorder side and finished the immigration formality and cross the border and direct drive to kathmandu.

  • free day Kathmandu of Departure to international airport


Price included

  • arrival and departure two night hotel in kathmandu.

    • all local transportation and government tax

      • staff salary and insurance of staff

        • all trekking meals vegetarian food

          • Nepali team leader and the coordinator.

            • All transportation is done via a Bus.

              • Procurement of all necessary travel permits and visas within Tibet.

                • Entrance fees of Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash.

                  • Entrance fees for Langtang National Park.

                    • Emergency evacuation management. first aid kid

                      • Duffel bags to carry personal goods during the Kailash Tour.

Price does not included

  • Personal, Insurance, Medical, and Emergency expenses.

  • Cost of renting a Horse and a helper during Kailash Parikrama.

  • Tips for the staff.

  • Cost of the hotel in Kathmandu in case of unforeseen circumstances (Obtaining the permit late, early arrival from Kailash Trek)

  • if incase delay due to natural disaster or due to weather condition or permit issue delay from immigration