Snowman Trek
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Trip Highlights
  • Destination:Bhutan
  • Max-Altitude:5320 meters
  • Accomodation:Lodging


Snowman Trek through Bhutan – is one of the longest treks that Legend of Himalaya is currently offering to anyone who wants to explore the natural beauty that Bhutan has to offer. This historic trek is 31 days long and will take you all over the country, and most importantly it will bring you in close proximity with the himalayan massifs and the pristine natural beauty that is ubiquitous in Bhutan. This high altitude trekking adventure challenges trekkers with an ample level of difficulty, but rewards them with spectacular Bhutanese landscape; which will bring joy to anyone who beholds it. Furthermore, the trekking trail passes through the northern remote region of Lunana region which reflects the 7th century Buddhist culture which brings gravity and panash to the trekking trail.  

Considered as one of the most difficult treks in Bhutan, mainly  due to its high altitude, the long duration and the distance that has to be covered. As a result of these factors, the majority of trekkers would rather climb Mount Everest (8848m) – the highest mountain in the world, then completing this long and arduous quest. The Snowman Trek transverses along the borders of Tibet, reaching the altitude of 5000m. As a result of which many do not complete the trek, as they are affected by altitude sickness. Despite being a high altitude trek, the route offers views of mountains like the Jumolhari(7326m), Jinchu Drake(6,6662m), Masangang(around 4000m), Tiger Mountain (916m) and Gangkar Puensum (7,570m) – adding beauty to the journey. 

The Snowman trekking journey starts when you travel 12 km North of Parp Valley from the hotel. The hotel is located in one of the historic places of Drukgyel Dzong, which is located at an altitude of 2580m. The main leg of the long trek begins here. Once properly briefed by the crew regarding the proper safety measure that needs to be followed, we will be on our way. The route leads downhill following the trail of the Pachu river, which snakes its way up the hills and through fields with rice and millets. Further along the route, you will come across apple orchards, traditional farmhouses type settlements struned sporadically over the Mutshi Zampa and Sangatan region – inhabited by indefiniuous people who have resided here for thousands of years.  When we reach Gunitsawa at 2850m, after crossing the blue pine forest, our trekking permit will be checked as this is the last stop before the border with Tibet. Once the permits have been checked and stamped, we will cross the Pachu River – via a wooden bridge and then make our way up to Sharna Zampa (2,870m). Just beyond Zampa, you will be able to see numerous meadows surrounded by lush green trees – a perfect spot to camp for the night. The Snowman Trek, is a phenomenal trekking adventure as the trekking route will challenge trekkers of all capabilities. As the route consists of us crossing nine high mountain passes, which are all over the height of 4500 meters above sea level – challenging people of all physical conditions. Despite the challenges, this trek provides opportunities to behold the natural beauty that Bhutan has to offer, in all her pure aesthetics.


  • Day 01:

    Arrive Paro

  • Day 02:

    Acclimatization hike to Tiger Nest Monastery

  • Day 03:

    Paro to Sharna Zampa (trek starts) (Distance: 17km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 04:

    Sharna Zampa to Soi Thangkha (Distance: 22km, Walking time: 7-8 hours)

  • Day 05:

    Soi Thangkha to Jangothang (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 06:

    Acclimatization and rest day and exploration of Jangothang

  • Day 07:

    Jangothang to Lingshi (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 08:

    Lingshi to Chebisa (Distance: 12km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 09:

    Chebisa to Shoumuthang (Distance: 17km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 10:

    Shoumuthang to Robluthnag (Distance: 17km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 11:

    Robluthang to Lingmethang (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 7-8 hours)

  • Day 12:

    Lingmethang to Laya (Distance: 10km, Walking time: 3-4 hours)

  • Day 13:

    Rest day at Laya

  • Day 14:

    Laya to Robluthang (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 7-8 hours)

  • Day 15:

    Rodophu to Narithang (Distance: 17km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 16:

    Narithang to Tarina (Distance: 18km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 17:

    Tarina to Woche (Distance: 15km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 18:

    Woche to Lhedi (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 19:

    Lhedi to Thanza (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 20:

    Rest day at Thanza

  • Day 21:

    Thanza to Tshorim (Distance: 19km, Walking time: 8-9 hours)

  • Day 22:

    Tshorim to Gangkhar Puesum base camp (Distance: 16km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 23:

    Gangkhar Puesum base camp to Geshe Woma (Distance: 14km, Walking time: 6-7 hours)

  • Day 24:

    Geshe Woma to Warathang (Distance: 18km, Walking time: 8-9 hours)

  • Day 25:

    Warathang to Duer Tshachu (Distance: 14km, Walking time: 5-6 hours)

  • Day 26:

    Duer Tshachu to Tshochenchen (Distance: 18km, Walking time: 8-9 hours)

  • Day 27:

    Tshochenchen to Gursum (Distance: 27km, Walking time: 9-10 hours)

  • Day 28:

    Gursum to Dur village, drive to Bumthang (Trek ends) (Distance: 18km, Walking time: 6 hours)

  • Day 29:

    Bumthang to Gangtey (Distance: 188km, Travel time: 6 hours)

  • Day 30:

    Gangtey to Thimphu (Distance: 154km, Travel time: 6 hours)

  • Day 31:

    Thimphu to Paro (depart to home country) (Distance: 54km, Travel time: 1 hour)


Price included

  • Two night hotel in Thimpu.

    • Full board meal in during the trekking.

      • All local transportation government tax and government papers needed for the trek.

Price does not included

  • International flight tickets.

  • Tips for guide and driver.