March 17, 2020

Nepal is world famous for its Himalayan ranges and its heritage sites. Since there are countless mountain ranges, it should come as no surprise that Nepal is also home of White Water Rafting due to the swift flowing water running down from the himalayan massif.  Rafting is considered one of the major adventure activities  to be undertaken after mountain expedition and trekking. 

Nepal boasts over 6000 rivers of various sizes and rapids. The rivers are constantly fed by the water which flows down from the himalaya. This makes it an ideal location for fast flowing rivers that snake its way along rugged slopes churning out massive waves and swirling rapids – a perfect recipe for white water rafting. The snow fed rivers offer rapids of grade 5 and upwards (suitable of vetran rafters) to placid rivers creating grade 2-3 rapids (ideal of beginner rafters). 

With so many rivers to choose from, Legend of Himalaya offers the best of what Nepal has to offer in terms of white water rafting. There are a handful of rivers which provide the ultimate rafting experience irrespective of your rafting skills. Listed below are the rivers that Legend of Himalaya offers to its clientele 

S.NoName of the RiverNo. of DaysType
1.Trishuli 1to 3Rafting or Kayaking
2.Seti 2Rafting
3. Bhote Koshi1Rafting
4.Kali Gandaki 3Rafting
5.Marsyangdi 1to 2Rafting or Kayaking
6.Sun Koshi 7 to 9Rafting
7.Arun 9Rafting
8. Karnali 10Rafting or Kayaking
9.Tamur 10 to 11Rafting 

Rafting in Nepal can be enjoyed to its fullest during October to mid-December and March to early May. The cost for rafting depends on the river of choice. Please contact us to find out more about the price and the time when you can partake in this adventure activity.

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