Everest Expedition Equipment List
May 20, 2021

Legend of Himalayan trek expedition requirement Everest Expedition Gear as a bellow Iterm. This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear a high-altitude trekking trip. most items are required. please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute r delete items from your duffle. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully compiled by legend of Himalayan trek and expedition Pvd.Ltd. don’t cut corners on the quality of your gear. one Duffle bag will accompany you on the trek to base camp climbers will need a second duffle which will e packed with the mountain equipment, and which will go direct to base camp. Duffels are carried by porters and should be sturdy and waterproof with name written on ag bags with wheals are nice for the airport, but the porters don’t like to carry them, so don’t bring wheeled bags. you will also store some travel clothes at the hotel in Kathmandu while trekking, a smaller additional bag with a lock might be handy. tip 5 bring large plastic garbage bags to pack gear inside Duffles to protect gear from rain. Large daypack or bag with a shoulder strap, so you don’t have to set it down while doing the duffle shuffle or handling.
travel documents while going through passport control and customs at the airport. it needs to be big enough to hold everything you’ll need for an overnight stop. You’ll want padlocks in Nepal and Tibet but for flying out of the international, it might be battered to use plastic zip ties which can be cut by staff if necessary, bring extra zip ties. Important for carrying your important documents including passport, extra photo duffle inventory list and money we suggest you use travel wallet that you can hang around your neck and place inside your shirt, or around your waist tucked under your shirt or trousers. Valid for at least 6 months after the trip end with sufficient extra pages for visa stamps and in same name as airline ticket with endorsement for women who changed name w/ marriage. get your Nepal visa on arrival in Kathmandu at the airport $50 for trekkers 125$ for climbers. Photo for one Nepal visa needed on arrival at Kathmandu airport. if you plan on buying a local sim card for your unlocked cell phone you will need one also a copy of your passport. Photocopy of passport and photocopy of flight itinerary bathing suit.

Everest Expedition Equipment list:
Ice Axe w/ leash= crampons = Alpine climbing harness = carabiners-3 Locking-3 Regular= climbing helmet = Ascender =Rappel/ belay device = prusiks = Adjustable-3 section ski or trekking Poles = (Technical clothing) = Lightweight long underwear 2-3 pair tops and bottoms = heavyweight Nylon pants 1-3 pairs = short sleeve synthetic shirt. 1-3 pairs = insulated synthetic pants = Down pants = Expedition Down parka = insulated synthetic jacket = hard shell pants = Headwear = Headlamp bring plenty of spare bulbs and batteries. Glacier glasses = baseball cap/sun hat = ski Goggles = balaclava 1 =heavyweight 1 = Lightweight heavyweight must over lightweight = warm synthetic-wool hat = bandanas 2- used to shad your neck = neoprene face mask optional = First Aid = small personal first-aid kit = drugs-medications-prescriptions = Geology Field equipment = Estwing geological rock hammer =
geologic compass 0-360- not quadrant = hand lens Bausch and Lomb hastings triplet 7 and 10 with neck lanyard = Rite in the rain geologic field notebook = rite in the rain trekker all weather pen = mechanical pencil 0.5mm and eraser = small protractor and short metric ruler = two waterproof markers sharpie twin-tip in black or red = Acid bottle with 10%hcl Field pouch for your field book pens-pencils etc. = rock sample bags zip-lock heavy-duty freezer bags= Digital camera and video camera = wristwatch with altimeter-barometer= = GPS receiver = plenty of water or hot tea in an insulated bottle energy snacks = sunscreen spy chap stick sunglasses- goggles = pocket knife = or Leatherman-style-multi-tool= binoculars = cell phone = climbing gear trekking poles etc. = hand-held radio for on-mountain communication = have a plan and let others know where you are going don’t go alone- always have a field partner for safety =Footwear= Light hiking boots or trekking poles = camp boots optional insulated boot for base camp = double plastic climbing boots w/altitude liners = fully insulated over boots = gaiters = trekking socks 6 pair = wool or synthetic socks 6 pair = Liners 6= Hardwear= Lightweight synthetic gloves 3 pair = heavyweight synthetic-soft shell gloves 1 pair = Expedition shell gloves w-insulated removable liners 2 pair = Expedition shell mitts 1 pair = Hand warmers and toe warmers bring 3-6 sets of each = personal equipment = Expedition backpack 3500-4000 cu in there are many great packs = trekking backpack 2000- 2500 cu in optional = sleeping ag Expedition quality rated to at least-40F = sleeping bag Expedition quality rated to at least -20F A second bag for bc = self-inflating pads 2 0r 45 full length pads = closed-cell foam pad used in combination with yourself inflating pad = cooking gear cup 16oz plastic insulated mug with Snap-On lid = spoon bowl = sunscreen spy 40 or better = lip screen spf 20 or better at 2 sticks = water bottles 2 to 3 = water bottle parkas for the big bottles = toiletry bag include toilet paper hand sanitizer and small towel as well as tooth brush = tooth paste etc = pee bottle 1 liter largemouth clearly marked water bottle for use in tent = camp knife or multi tool = thermos 1 liter capacity = camera gear optional = compression stuff sacks especially for sleeping bags and clothing=

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