K2 Expedition Pakistan
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Trip Highlights
  • Destination:Pakistan
  • Max-Altitude:8611m
  • Region:Pakistan Himalayan kingdom baltistan
  • Best Season:Autumn Season (August to September
  • Accomodation:Lodging and camping


K2 is a reputed mountain that belongs to the Karakórum mountain range, in the Himalaya between Pakistan and China. With 8,611 meters of altitude, it is second highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest (8,848m), the second-highest mountain on the planet and the most difficult to climb. Mount K2 is also called Mountain Godwin-Austen, Chogori or Ketu; depending on the region. Most people simply refer to it as the “wild mountain”. Along with Annapurna, it is the peak with the highest percentage of fatalities. For every four people who reach the summit, one dies in the attempt. The K2, unlike the Annapurna, has never climbed in winter.

The main feature of K2 is that it is a perfect pyramid, it is the mountain that all children would be able to draw. Although the summit is more than 8,000 meters high, the mountain only rises just over 3,000 meters from the glacial valleys at its base. The K2 is part of an elevated area that includes the Karakórum, the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas with the imperial Mount Everest as its roof.

The mountain was first scaled in 1856 by Haversham Godwin-Austen and his team. The two most popular routes to Mount K2 are – the  Abruzzo and the Magic LineWhile Abruzzo is the most commonly used trekking route to ascend the mountain, while Magic Line is possibly the most difficult route of any mountain on the planet. To get an idea, up to 2004, 2,238 climbers had climbed Everest while only 246 to K2. 

The summit of K2 and part of the slopes are covered with large glaciers and with a thick layer of snow, while glaciers strung the foothills of the mountain. The climatic conditions in the upper part are severe and there is a very high risk of avalanches occurring without warning. However, it should be noted that the weather and time in K2 is usually unpredictable, so there is a very high chance of accidents occurring while ascending the mountain. 

As K2 is considered amongst the most dangerous mountains to scale in the whole world, thus it is not recommended to anyone who does not have the sufficient skills and experience climbing high altitude mountains. Scaling of K2 should only be attempted with the proper gear, experienced climbers and above during suitable climates.


  • Day 01:

    Arrival day in Islamabad pakistan .

  • Day 02:

    Briefing in Islamabad

  • Day 03:

    spectacular flight to skardu 2228m

  • Day 04:

    sightseeing and preparation in skardu

  • Day 05:

    drive to askoli 3000m 6-7hrs

  • Day 06:

    trek to korfong 3100m 6-7 hrs walk

  • Day 07:

    trek to bardunma 3300m 5-6 hrs walk

  • Day 08:

    trek to paju 3380m 5-6 hrs walk

  • Day 09:

    trek to khoburste 3500m6-7 hrs walk

  • Day 10:

    trek to urdokus 4130m 6 hrs walk

  • Day 11:

    Acclimatisation and rest day

  • Day 12:

    trek to goro 2, 4250m 6 hrs walk

  • Day 13:

    trek to concordia 4600m 6 hrs walk

  • Day 14:

    trek to broad peak base camp 5000m 5 hrs walk

  • Day 15:

    trek to k2 base camp 5150m 7 hrs walk

  • Day 16:

    16 to 55 days climbing and acclimatisation period

  • Day 17:

    56 days, trek back to khoburste 3560m 6 hrs walk

  • Day 18:

    57 days, trek back to paju 3380m 5-6 hrs walk

  • Day 19:

    58 days, trek back to jhola 3170m 7 hrs walk

  • Day 20:

    59 days, trek back to askoli 3050m 3-4 hrs walk

  • Day 21:

    60 days, drive back to skardu 7 hrs drive

  • Day 22:

    61 days, fly back to Islamabad 45 minute

  • Day 23:

    62 days, days contingency day in case of delays

  • total 6e3 days

    63 days, days fly back to home departure day


Price included

  • All ground transportation or domestic flight throughout the trek

    • 2 nights hotel stay in Islamabad

      • All the staff's salary, insurance for staff, cook and climbing Sherpa.

        • All climbing and cooking equipment

Price does not included

  • Arrival cost into Pakistan (VISA, Airfare)

  • Personal Insurance

  • Personal Expenditure (International Phone call charges, Laundry, Food, Suvenire)

  • Tips for staff

  • Summit bonus for climbing Sherpa $2000/person

  • Tips for cook ($500)

  • Tips for kitchen boy ($300)

  • Tips for porter ($200-150)