Mt Cho Oyu Expedition
January 29, 2023

Mt Cho Oyu Expedition

Legend of Himalayan Trek and Expedition Pvd.Ltd

Legend of Himalayan Trek and Expedition Pvd.Ltd offer Cho oyu Expedition if you are real mountaineer and you are dreaming to aim to climb 8000 thousand mountain then can join with our team we are you energetic and professional mountain climber as well as organizer. Cho Oyu Expedition is a demanding expedition trip that mostly done from the Tibetan part. It is the 6th highest peak in the world with a height of 8201 meters. It was first climbed by the Austrian team in 1954 for the first time. With the arrangement of the expedition permit, climbing equipment and experienced climbing guides, the trip begins either by driving to the Nepal Tibet border at Zangmu before earthquake in Nepal now a days changed the land route from Kerung border we use now a days or flying to Lhasa. The Tibetan plateau is located above 3800 meters, so acclimatization is required from the very beginning and you need to manage sufficient extra days in the trip. Then you move to the base camp of Chinese side. The route lies at the north-west face of Mt. Cho Oyu. Climbing this peak is taken less technical but some of the sections are really challenging and even tougher using climbing equipment. Camp I-III is set to summit this peak. Camp I, 6400m, Camp II, 7000m and Camp III, 7400m. If you are physically fit and have strong enthusiasm, you can summit Cho Oyu from Camp II, but generally, climbers summit this peak from Camp III. The breathtaking views of Mount Everest “8848m, Lhotse ‘8501m, Nuptse “7855m, Chamlang “7319m, Ama Dablam “6812m, and the surrounding peaks can be explored from the top of Mt. Cho Oyu. Gradually, you descend to Camp II and to the base camp, Legend of Himalayan Trek and Expedition Pvd.Ltd, fully assists you with, perfect kitchen team and altitude tents. We deal with quality Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services in Nepal.

On June 28th, 2019, a group of mountaineers set out to explore the majestic Mt. Cho Oyu in the Himalayan Mountains. It was an ambitious mission – Mt. Cho Oyu stands 8,188 meters above sea level, and is considered one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb. The climbers were prepared for the challenge, having researched the mountain extensively and trained for months leading up to the expedition.

The climbing team was made up of experienced mountaineers from all over the world, including experienced guides and support staff. They set out with a goal to reach the summit of Mt. Cho Oyu, but they also wanted to experience the immense beauty of the mountain. The team was well-equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment to make the journey successful.

The climbers started their journey at the foot of the mountain and began the long, arduous ascent. Despite the challenges, the group was determined to reach the summit, and they persevered through blizzards, avalanches, and treacherous terrain. After days of hard work, the team eventually made it to the top of Mt. Cho Oyu and celebrated their victory.

The expedition was a success, and the members of the climbing team were able to appreciate the beauty of the mountain and the thrill of the climb. Mt. Cho Oyu is an incredible example of nature’s beauty, and the mountaineers’ journey was a testament.

The Mount Cho Oyu Expedition was a momentous event in mountaineering history. Led by renowned mountaineer, David Breashears, the team set out in the late summer of 1969 to summit the world’s sixth highest peak. After weeks of treacherous scaling and intense weather conditions, the team reached the summit on September 17th. They were the first to do so and the climb was an incredible feat of human endurance and strength. The expedition also set a record for the highest altitude ever achieved by a team, standing at 8,188 meters. The success of the Mount Cho Oyu Expedition has been an inspiration ever since, and serves as a reminder of the power of human spirit and determination.

when is usually climbed ?
As with most Himalayan peaks spring is best since every day it gets warmer with less threat of snow.however since winter can still be around, the snow slopes and the wall can be quit treacherous with frozen precipitation. The fall season is just the opposite with colder days and increasingly unstable weather. we climbed in September and had ok weather but we had severe snow towards the end of the expedition that stopped the climbing for most of our team and all the other expeditions. most guides climber in the fall since they are accupied with Everest in the spring. We are the best travel agency which provides Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services.
Is a Cho oyu climbed dangerous?
Absolutely you should only attempt Cho oyu if you have the proper experience and logistics for emergency situations. It is isolated and helicopter resource is not available. most deaths are a result of falls but the weather and altitude also take it’s toll.
how does Cho oyu compare with Everest or other 8000m peak ?
It is a great training climb for a spring Everest climbers to see how their body reacts to high-altitude 8,000m. It is similar to shishapangma and Broad peak except that Broad has more sustained steep climbing. There are no feature like Everest Lhotse face or Hillary-step on Cho oyu but the overall atmosphere is similar. Contact us for the best Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services in Nepal.
Expedition Highlights
Experience 6th highest peak, and technically easy but physiologically challenging climb Stunning views from the summit on perfectly lined-up Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu Accessible 8000m climb Himalayan climb and test of skills and physiology for Everest attempt Experience your first 8000m climb on the relatively safe route Interesting experience of Tibetan culture in Tingri Test for mountaineering isolation and psychological endurance.
To participate in this expedition you must be a very fit and active winter-walker-climber in good health. Prior to joining our group, please see your doctor and obtain the necessary permission and advice, as well as medications for travel in extremes of altitude, and also for exotic locales.
Previous mountaineering experience is required to at least 6000m. You will also need to be very determined. Cho Oyu is a non-technical peak with the possibility of a ski descent for very strong skiers. Ski touring in the area near ABC is also possible, and a fun way to succeed you will need to be extremely fit and have a high level of endurance. You don’t need to be fast but you need to be steady and strong. Mental toughness plays a large role as does the ability to relax and let your body acclimatize. We are the number one Mt Cho Oyu Expedition service providers in Nepal. Autumn season end of August to end of September: being the best season for climbing Mt. Cho-Oyu, offers excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views, and also the best season for peak climbing. Always contact us for quality Mt Cho Oyu Expedition experience in Nepal.

Cho oyu base camp

On the morning of August 12th, 1834, the members of the Mount Cho Oyu expedition set out on a journey to explore the mountain. Led by renowned mountaineer and explorer, Hugh Ruttledge, the team of seven men and four porters left their base camp at the foot of the mountain and began the journey up.

The expedition was met with tremendous difficulty, as the terrain was exceptionally rugged and the weather was not cooperating. Despite the obstacles, the team persevered and pushed on, eventually reaching the summit in October of that same year.

Upon reaching the summit, the team was able to survey the entire mountain range and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. They were also able to take photographs of the stunning views, which were later published in the magazine The Alpine Journal.

The success of the Mount Cho Oyu expedition was a major achievement for Hugh Ruttledge and his team, and it stands as a testament to the power of human determination and perseverance.

Detailed camp information of Cho oyu.
Advance Base camp: 5,700m, We pitch our advanced base camp for your climb at the scenic location below the North-West face of the mountain at an altitude of 5,700m. You can view full route up to the summit of Cho Oyu in full along with glaciers and other peaks. You spend long period of climbing viz. slightly more than three weeks. We provide quality Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services in Nepal.
Cho-Oyu Camp I, 6,400m four to six hours climbing. Camp I from ABC is generally distanced to four to six hours walking-climbing along Gyabrag glacier first and then through steep scree slope to the shoulder of broad snow field. It is basically in the safe location, but still the risks of avalanche on a big mountain are always there. Enjoy the Mt Cho Oyu Expedition experience with Legend of Himalaya.
Cho-Oyu Camp II, 7,100m – five to seven hours climbing. Camp II is located just above sheer 25 m high ice cliff in a wide snow face. To make this part safe in the ice cliff, we fix line up. This part of the climbing has some 35-380 slopes. Visit us for reliable Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services in Nepal.
Cho-Oyu Camp III,7,450m.This is like a transit camp to make your climbing successful and easier. Some climbers push for summit from Camp II as well, but we believe to rest at Camp III for a short while before you push for summit bid is ideal. Camp III is situated just below the yellow rock band which is to be tackled for the summit. The climbing route above this yellow band is straightforward, but steep snow slope making it strenuous climbing in this height. As you will spend only short time in this camp, it is not equipped with various amenities.
Cho-Oyu Summit, 8,201m.The most awaited day of the trip is here. You leave Camp III at around 01.00 am for a summit bid. In a good weather day, if things go correct as planned and expected, you now stand on top of the mountain Cho Oyu at around 07.00 am to 10.00 am. After yellow band, at 7,800 m /25,590ft with long steep snow slope, you need to be focused. We provide the best Mt Cho Oyu Expedition services in Nepal.

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